Most Frequently Asked Questions About Bearings

Published on 24 March 2021 at 15:59

As an industry leader, we are constantly receiving questions about bearings. Because bearings are the core of the business of the bearing center. We all are passionate about answering every question promptly, professionally, and in other possible ways. As a bearing manufacturing company, try to shortlist the most popular questions. That comes along with a clear and straightforward answer.

What does MTBF stand for?

The MTBF term directly translates to the mean time between failure. Simply, it is the predicted time between the mechanical system's failure under the regular operating system. The ISO standard base bearings' L10 can attain 90% of the large group of identical bearings. Work on your bearings' MTBF or an average life around five times the L10 of the specific bearing.  

What is the ABEC scale?

Annular Bearing Engineering Committee develops ABEC scale in America. The bearing manufacturer accepted the method of ball bearings tolerance. The scale uses five class numbers, it is like 1,3,5,7, and 9, to distinguish between the tightest and widest tolerance. 

While the scale does not consider important factors such as quality of the material, rolling surface, and accuracy.  It is accepted the higher ABEC rating with the better efficiency and bearings' speed.

Do high ABEC ratings mean less noise?

It is not necessary, but some evidence might suggest the correlation, but it has still not been proven. As mentioned above, the scale does not consider factors, such as the quality of the material, smoothness of the surface of rolling, and the precision of the ball. Even the lubricant plays the most significant role in how quiet a bearing system will be. It is very challenging to determine which is the great influence.

How fast can a bearing be spin?

According to the bearings and bushings world record of the spinning bearing, and it is 660,000 RPM. It was tested on a free-spinning bearing at its maximum RPM, and it is using compressed air. Of course, that does not mean, like every bearing will have that capability. The bearing speed is also high, and it depends on the size, material, tolerance, accuracy level, and the type or amount of lubrication that is used.

Can bearings be renewed?

In some cases, yes, it is. However, it depends on the economic gains, the accumulated wear, cycle maintenance, history of lubrication, environmental importance, MTBF, and more. It is always cheaper to simply replace the small bearings, but for the large rings, spherical roller bearing, cylindrical roller bearings, and the bearings with a 15c, core or bigger. It would certainly be worth the effort to be renewed rather than replace.

What factors of bearing re-lubrication and frequently depends?

  • Bearing operating speed
  • Operating environment of bearing
  • Operating temperature
  • Determining vibrations of the bearing
  • Bearing operating hours

What causes of currents bearing?

When the voltage is present on the motor shaft, it can overcome the insulating effect of the oil film of the bearing. The cause a current flow of the effective result in electric discharge machining of the bearing. Also, causing premature wear and ultimately early failure.

Why do you use insulated bearings?

Insulated bearings type used in motors and insulated bearings is fitted at the machine's non-drive end side. The main purpose of this bearing for the motor is to prevent circulating current in a close circuit. Through the bearing, it consequently prevents the bearing damages.

In conclusion:

Some of the other questions that come our way, and Hi-bond Bearings Pvt. Ltd. gives all the answers whatever comes to your mind. Many visitors browse our websites when you check, and if anything, we do not have to cover whatever you want from us. Please without any hesitate call and message us.

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